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SL20 Server Rack Heater


Precision Heat Generation for Server Racks

Load Banks Direct, LLC is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks. The SL Server Rack Heater Series is part of the dedicated line of load banks designed for data center commissioning. 
During data center design and construction, it is critical to test the HVAC cooling systems and the hot-aisle / cold-isle design. The SL20 is a 19" rack mountable air heater that simulates the heat generated by a server.  With adjustable load steps to 20 KW and variable airflow speed control, the SL20 can accurately mimic the different low and high power density servers available today.
  • Specifically designed for mounting in a 19" server rack. The 43 pound lightweight design allows for easy handling by one person.
  • 10U high (17.5") with convenient locating pins and quarter turn locking tabs.
  • A minimum resolution of 500 Watts allows for precise testing. Thermal load steps start at 1.5 KW.
  • Force air-cooled, rated for continuous operation.
  • Standard C20 plugs for connection to power distribution bus.
  • Digital multimeter displays voltage, current and frequency.
  • Local operator controls include individual lighted load steps, fan speed control and indicator lights for fan-on and over-temperature.
  • Variable air speed control allows for precision thermal testing and delta-T adjustments.



 240VAC  1  20.0  83.3
 230VAC  1  18.4  80.0
 220VAC  1  16.8  76.4
 208VAC  1  15.0  72.2








 CHANNEL  240VAC 230VAC  208VAC 

 S1: 500W 

S2: 1.5KW

S3: 1.5KW

S1: 500W 

S2: 1.4KW

S3: 1.13KW

S1: 500W 

S2: 1.4KW

S3: 1.13KW

P2  S4: 3KW  S4: 2.76KW  S4: 2.25KW 
P3  S5: 3KW  S5: 2.76KW  S5: 2.25KW 
P4 S6: 3.5KW  S6: 3.2KW  S6: 2.63KW 
P5  S7: 3.5KW  S7: 3.2KW  S7: 2.63KW 
P6 S8: 3.5KW  S8: 3.2KW  S8: 2.63KW 
Operator Protection
    * Over-temperature protection
    * Internal fuse protection of channel heater circuits

Cooling & Airflow

There are six high speed cooling fans that exhaust the hot air out the rear of the enclosure. The variable speed control produces approximately 375 - 1584 CFM.

LBD-SL™  Load Elements 

The SL heater elements are designed specifically for the server rack application and variable cooling airflow. Changes in resistance are minimized by maintaining conservative resistor designs.


Construction  |  Dimensions

The SL20 has a rugged aluminum and galvanized construction with convenient handles for sliding the heater in and out of the rack.


Height: 17.5" (10U)
Depth: 16.25"
Width: 19" (for standard 19" server rack)
Weight: 43 pounds [19.5 kg]

Control Power  

48VDC control power is supplied via an internal power supply.
Operator Controls
  • Illuminated main power on switch
  • Illuminated thermal step switches
  • Fan speed control
  • Indicator lights for fan-on and over-temperature
  • Digital mutlimeter displaying voltage, current and KW or frequency


SL20 Resources

SL20 Outline Drawing

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