Load Bank Products

LBD provides UL listed, industry standard and custom load bank solutions for Portable applications, Stationary (Outdoor), Radiator Duct-Mounted , Trailer-Mounted and more.

From 50kW to 2500kW, our broad range of solutions is sure to meet the demands of your application.  Select one of the Product Types below to learn more about our standard offerings. Have a custom design? Call us at 855-LBD-CALL !

LBD is a leading manufacturer of high capacity load banks

We offer a selection of industry standard load banks including freestanding load banks, portable load banks, radiator duct mounted load banks, mobile load banks and more.

Our Load Banks are typically used for high power load testing of emergency power systems including generators, uninterruptible power supplies, turbines, battery systems and regenerative power absorption of large motors and other load applications.

Our Outdoor Stationary Load Banks offer the most robust, high-capacity, outdoor designs in the industry and are the perfect solution for regularly scheduled testing and commissioning of mission-critical standby emergency power systems.

Portable Load Banks with intelligent operator controls, safety indication layouts, adjustable load step resolution, and lightweight designs.

Radiator Duct Mounted Load Banks are an easy to mount, economical solution for providing diesel generators with a supplemental load to minimize the effects of wet-stacking during operation under lightly loaded conditions.

Trailer Mounted Load Banks are supplied as a complete "Trailer-Ready" assembly suitable for mounting to a 7,000 or 10,000 pound GVW Highway rated trailer.

Medium-Voltage Substation Style Load Banks that are the most robust, medium-voltage, high-capacity, outdoor design in the industry.

Resistive-Reactive Load Banks that are designed for testing large generators, switchgear, transformers and UPS systems.

DC Series Load Banks designed for battery capacity testing & maintenance, acceptance testing, discharge testing and other testing for DC power systems.

Our Intelligent Digital Control for Load Banks is a microprocessor-based operator control system that is optimized for fast and accurate load testing and is available on our entire line of load bank products.